Procedures for Safe Operation of Golf Carts

1. Safe Speed

  • Golf carts should be operated at a moderate speed, equivalent to a well-paced walk in congested areas.
  • Reduce speed to compensate for inclines, pedestrians, and weather conditions.
  • Slow down and drive with extra caution when the grass is wet.

2. Backing up

  • Operators should be conscious of their surroundings and should never back up without making sure there is no person or obstruction behind the cart.
  • Prior to driving the cart, check to see if it is set to go forward or backward and make adjustments as necessary.

3. Turns and Operation

  • Never make a sharp turn, even on a straight-away
  • Approach all turns with caution and reduced speed. Rounding curves at excessive speeds can result in someone being thrown from the cart
  • Always drive straight up and down a hill. Driving up or down a hill at an angle can cause cart to tip over.
  • Watch for obstacles and people. Pedestrians always have the right-of-way.

4. Designated Paths

  • All golf carts should only drive on designated paths’ refer to the cart routing plan
  • If the path is congested, do not take any alternate routes by going under ropes
  • Use the carts as they are intended to be used. Do not take carts to places on the golf course where they are not intended to go.

5. Parking

  • Park golf carts out of the way of pedestrians and other carts and make sure the golf cart is not in any camera sight line.
  • Set the parking brake before leaving the cart.
  • Do not park the cart on an incline.
  • Never leave the keys in the golf cart when it is unattended.

6. Operator and Passenger Use

  • No golf carts are permitted on the golf courses unless specified by the Committee Chair or Tournament Staff
  • No golf cart is to be operated with more passengers than seating allows.
  • No riding on the back of golf carts, or overloading the cart with equipment.
  • Do not transport passengers unrelated to your role as a volunteer.
  • Do not drive the golf cart until all occupants are seated. Never stand up in a moving golf cart.
  • All occupants in the golf cart shall keep hands, arms, legs, and feet within the confines of the cart at all times when the cart is in motion, and it is the responsibility of the drive to convey this requirement to the passengers.
  • Only authorized personnel who have a valid U.S. driver’s license and have signed below may drive a golf cart provided by the Tournament.
  • No golf cart will be operated by an intoxicated person.
  • Each golf cart is assigned to a specific person or vendor. Do not take the nearest golf cart you can find.
  • Do not remove or exchange the sign that is on each golf cart.

7. Maintenance and Cart Return

  • Any mechanical issues with golf carts should be reported to the golf cart committee as soon as possible in order to expedite repair.
  • Upon conclusion of the Championship, all golf carts must be returned to the cart staging area. Do not leave carts on the course or parking lots. All carts must be accounted for upon completion of the Championship.