A lot of people ask us, “what does the road to the LPGA look like?’“ So we created this infographic to help make our point. This graphic is about two things – opportunity and money. We know today the money simply – and sadly – just isn’t there for female developmental players. Even at the secondary level – Symetra Tour, Triple-A Ball, if you will – these players can’t really making a living, especially when you consider it COSTS about $60,000 to “go to work.” So here’s the quick explainer: Two roads to the LPGA. Q-School, which isn’t a school, but the name of a three-stage series of tournaments that starts with about 600 hopefuls and ends up producing about 20 card-carrying LPGA players. If you don’t succeed in Q School, you play developmental level golf – Symetra Tour and/or the tours shown below (Double-A ball, to carry forward the baseball simile). On the men’s side, there are 30-plus such tours and guys can make a good living – six figures, even! As always, this isn’t a negative on the men – GOOD FOR THEM. It is, however, a statement about supporting women. #SportsParityOffset. On the womens side, there are three tours and a player could win every event they play in and not make $100,000. Hmmmm. So…we developed the PXG Women’s Match Play Championship to add playing opportunities to that landscape…the one highlighted below. Still don’t get it? Call me. Happy to walk you through it.