While tournament prize purses continue to increase, even more important may be the growing number of playing opportunities aspiring professionals are being presented

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — Opportunity can be a lonely, empty word if there is no concrete action to support it. One fortunate player on the PGA Tour in a few weeks will leave the 18th green of the Tour Championship in Atlanta having earned a $15 million piece of the FedEx Cup pie.

Fifteen million. That’s terrific. It’s just not reality for most everyone else. Some are lucky to earn $15,000. For so many highly talented players who aspire to play at higher levels, be it the PGA Tour, LPGA or European circuits, striving to be the best of the best in a growing global game, the road there is not paved by gold bricks, but rather in sweat and heartbreak and often, dry dust. Chasing a dream can mean playing for your own money, wondering if spending a night in your car is worth a better meal tomorrow, or falling a few agonizing dollars shy of the next entry fee.

Of late, we are seeing some tangible examples of golf and golfers stepping up with opportunity, offering a boost, and reaching out with a helping hand to the next aspiring generation.

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